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Charging into the Future


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Charging into the Future: Week of September 1

Good Afternoon, 

It was wonderful to see all of our visitors last week for Grandparents' Day! I hope everyone that could attend enjoyed the time spent eating lunch and will come back and visit again in the future! 

In connection with Fred T. Foard’s Homecoming Game this week, Banoak will hold our annual Spirit Week. All students are welcome to participate.

Monday: Team/Sports Day
Tuesday: Camo Day
Wednesday: Wacky Tacky Tourist Day
Thursday: Banoak/Tiger Pride Day

This Friday, September 22, will be an elementary only workday (no school for elementary students). Middle schools and high schools will operate on their normal schedules. 

Lastly, our car rider line in the afternoon will continue to make two lines beyond the curve. Officer Hilton and I will continue to help ensure this takes place this week. We have put this into place for safety reasons. We want all of our vehicles to be in our parking lot and not on highway 10. Please continue to help us additionally by limiting the space between vehicles. Morning car rider line will remain a single line at this time. Thank you for all your help with this! 

See you tomorrow! 
Jordan Goodson, Principal

Flyer for Spirit Week September 18-21

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