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Meet Debi Bryant, School Nurse

Joined Team CCS - April 2006

I've been a school nurse since 2006.  I started my career in Pediatrics, have worked Newborn Nursery, Labor and Delivery, IV Therapy and Chemotherapy, and LPN Instructor. 

Associate's and Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Marshall University
Master's in Adult Technical Education from Marshall University

Why I Became a School Nurse
I have a love of and experience in Pediatrics and enjoy taking care of children and families.  Working on the same schedule as my children when they were in school was also a plus!

Favorite Activities
I enjoy reading, scrapbooking and listening to music.

Something Unique About Me
I have been an RN since 1983.


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Photo of school nurse Debra Bryant


Debi Bryant

School Nurse

p. 704-462-2849